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Introducing the novel LITTLE SONG

Taking place in a remote town on Vancouver Island, the novel LITTLE SONG tells the tale of a thirty-five year old woman from an outcast American Indian family who convinces her husband to let her ex-husband stay with them for one week.  When the ex’s mischief disrupts the isolated community, she must confront her painful past and uncertain future.

Awards & Praise for LITTLE SONG

Best Fiction Award at the San Francisco Writers Conference (under its original title LIKE A MOONSHINE BRIDGE)

Winner annual Good Reads contest from A Women’s Write

Finalist James River Writers Best Unpublished Novel Award for 2011

Jacquelyn Mitchard (author of The Deep End of the Ocean, Oprah’s first book pick) says of LITTLE SONG, “Margaret A. Rodenberg’s debut novel is filled with heart, charm and authentic human mercy.”

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